The Roblox Safety Explained

The safety becomes a prominent issue on the Roblox platform during these last two years. Despite being so popular both in Google Play Store and Apple Store, Roblox has been concerned by the parents, some of them even delete it from kids’ devices. The starting point of this issue was once a social media posting which was blown up by the media. Within a short time, it became an international concern and the wave of protests was widely sweeping the internet for a while.

The CEO of Roblox confirmed the opposite

The posting is about a personal experience where a user(which is also a parent) was asked for sexual intercourse. Roblox and pedophiles were easily combined as the platform was intentionally promoted for children usage. The issue “attacked’ two main features of Roblox. As a social platform including its specific(read: inappropriate) theme and in-game communication(chatting). What is missing is that the reports weren’t seen as an input but as justification.

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While some people predicted that Roblox may be converted into an adult platform. Roblox was described as an amusement park where the kids can socialize and use their creativity. He emphasized the safety of the Roblox community is the priority which would be manifested in further investment on safety development. The company gave signs to apply the moderation system which combine human and software to filter chat and friends.

Today, you can completely turn off the chat feature in your children Roblox screen. the age of players can clearly be seen during the gameplay while users below 13 are under “more stringent chat controls”. The children are is only allowed to chat with limited words. The community also plays a collaborative role in controlling the content of the game. The tighter guidelines are now applied both for existing games and future games.

KidSafe seal program has actually listed the Roblox platform as their member

This requires the Roblox to customize the privacy setting for under 12 years old where they can’t start to chat with foreigners. This setting allows the players to become a friend first with a certain user before. They can communicate with each other through in-game communication features, sharing the gameplay. Furthermore, parents can still control who can communicate with their children with determined parameters.

The restriction and filter system is strictly applied to the public and private chat or any contents. This means that the Roblox is fully monitoring and controlling any aspects of in-game communication.

The parents are involved in this safety task where you can log in to Roblox to access four crucial of safety area in the platform. It allows you to monitor the private message history, friends, trade history, and any creation. It allows you to easily detect any form of any suspicious communication transmissions, questionable activities, or any issues in real time. At this point, even though you’re not playing the games. You need to install Roblox to your device if your kids do. Furthermore, you should learn the features especially those four safety areas.