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B-tools or Building tools are the crucial items on Roblox universe including Roblox mobile for sure since every gamer would need them to build. You can get the building tools from the Personal Server or granted as you enter the build mode. The building tools are used to build your place. There were only three building tools to move, copy, and delete the bricks and that was all. Fortunately, there are at least seven Roblox building tools available in the gameplay which allow you to build your place more flexible.


The Stamper is a building tool which shows you with a list of bricks. There will be brick selections available to pick. After the list is open, what you need to do is to tap the brick you want to use and then you can place it based on your design.


Even in the current building tools, “Delete” has the same command with the old ones. You can use Delete to literally delete unwanted bricks already installed to your place. Once they’ve been removed, you can go back to the Stamper choose the right bricks for those spots.


In the current building tools, you may not find the Copy tool but there is a Clone tool which works in a similar way. Clone works by copying or cloning brick or set of bricks. This way, you won’t have to arrange sets of brick from the beginning just to get the same shape or design.


Rotate building tool literally works by rotating the bricks and it’s surprisingly very useful. It allows you to have a more flexible placing despite the wide selection of bricks in the stamper. With Rotate building tools, you can simply double that list. Furthermore, it can also rotate a set of bricks and shapes.

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The configure building tool allows you to get improve the range of certain bricks. This allows you to have more flexible shapes and designs. This tool is very useful to build unique and iconic shapes. However, Configure building tool can’t be applied to normal bricks which already have fixed default range.


The wiring tools work like the real-life wiring but with gaming intentions. You can connect various items like lights, door, radio, explosive, and many other items with a button. You can wire any items you want but maintain them functional for the gameplay.

Classic Tool

roblox materials

The Classic Tool works pretty much like the home improvement tool. It loads several functions in a set including moving, painting, resizing, surface, and material. Classic Tool is very helpful to bring your building come alive. This could be your favorite tools whenever you want to simulate the living environment in Roblox.

It should be noted that these tools don’t come in a set as you may find some of them are absent in certain game modes. These building tools are available to support your building projects not limit them. Don’t hesitate to move, delete, rotate, configure, or put colors since you’re allowed to apply your imagination in Roblox universe.

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