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Roblox Builder Clubs

Roblox is the prominent platform universe to create various multiplayer online games. It’s the virtual blocks universe with various games and types of gameplay. Roblox has been online since 2005 and developed by the Roblox Corporation. Roblox becomes the largest social game platforms in the world partly due to its mobile versions. Despite the addicting game experiences, Roblox has been usually issued due to its premium memberships.
One of the most premium membership is the Builders Club also known as BC. Once you take BC membership, you’ll get the more privileges than other memberships. These include the permission to your own apparels as well as daily free Robux to your accounts which the amounts and types depend on the type of BC memberships you take: Builder Clubs, Turbo Builder Clubs, or Outrageous Builder Clubs.

Despite the cosmetic and currency benefits, Builder Clubs membership provides you with a better creation experience. It allows you to have a more interactive creation interface. You can also create your own Avatar with the privilege of the Builder Clubs memberships. All types of premium Builder Clubs provide you with R$100 for signing in.

The Classic Builders Club

The price is $5.95 for monthly and $57.95 for annually. It provides you access to up to groups, R15 of daily Robux, and ability to create up to 10 groups.

The Turbo Builders Club

The price is $11.95 for monthly and $85.95 for annually. It provides you with accesses to up to 20 groups, ability to create up to 20 groups, and R$ 35 as daily bonus.,

The Outrageous Builders Club

The price is $19.95 for a monthly plan and $129.95 for the annual plan. It provides you with access to up to 100 groups, permission to create up to 100 groups, and R$60 as the daily bonus.


How to Get

Since it’s for builder the Builder Clubs memberships aren’t available on in-game purchases, not directly. You’ll have to own the game cards to apply for your Builder Club memberships. You can purchase the Roblox game cards in the authorized retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, EB Games, GameStop, and other authorized retailers.
Once you’ve purchased the game cards, your membership will be activated. Depending on the type of Builder Clubs Membership, a certain amount of Robux will be transferred to your Roblox account as the bonus usually more than the common membership.

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The Builder Clubs membership price would vary depending on the types and the default currency. If you’re living in the US the price would be in USD but they’re exactly converted to GBP for those who live in the UK since there may be additional cost like distribution cost, taxes, etc. However, some of those retailers may hold sale events which allows you to get the Roblox game cards at the lower price.

Membership Plan

The Builder Clubs membership plan are available for one-month, six-months, and one-year with the possibility of automatic renewal. Unfortunately, the lifetime Builder Clubs membership is no longer available. You can take the Builder Clubs membership plan which is aligned to your Roblox projects. Enjoy the privileges and amenities by joining Builder Clubs of Roblox.