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Roblox Username Guide

Each Roblox user has their own unique username which contains the string characters. You can take any available username as you’re creating your own account. The username is unique for each user as expected. However, you can actually change the username for 1000 Robux, it’s quite expensive though. Here is what you need to know about username in Roblox universe.

No Spacing

If you’ve been playing Roblox in these recent years, you should have known that space isn’t allowed in your username. However, there was a time where space was allowed in 2007. Former Roblox players could even use their complete names.


Fortunately, you’re allowed to use underscore in your username. This way, you can have a longer username. Underscore wasn’t allowed since 2006 but then was added back two years ago. It quite compensates the absence of space respectively. You can bridge two major parts of your username with underscore while the concepts are completely up to you.

What is Allowed

You can create your username with the combination of letters, numbers, and one underscore between the first and last characters of your username. You can use any names as long as they’re available or not already taken by other users. All-number name is no longer allowed due to security issues. You can take your time to research the most suitable username. It’s okay to check the availability of your username list, there is no time limit for it. However, it’s better if you’ve finished the list before you start creating a Roblox account.

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How to Change Your Username

As previously mentioned, you’re able to change your username with 1,000 Robux. You can voluntarily change your username without requests and moderation. However, any username changes should meet the term and condition as well as follow the respective username rules in Roblox universe. Each user is basically allowed for one Roblox username.

Username Tips

A unique but catchy username is hunted by many Roblox users. There are some techniques on this mission including making them very long, sniping the name, and following the username trends. Just research on the username trends in Roblox and put your initials after or before the name, you can add the underscore to separate them. Above all, don’t get limited by the trends since the trend is the trend but you are yourself, get some inspiration but don’t get stuck there.


Whatever you do in Roblox platform, don’t ever think about purchasing or selling Roblox username since it’s highly restricted. Don’t share your user account credential with anyone and avoid any frauds and scams offering any username services. Don’t expose your account to security risks at any chances.

Avoid any harsh and inappropriate words, don’t go less than three characters, use only one underscore, don’t use any spaces, don’t use all numbers, don’t put the underscore in front of or behind the name. Don’t use other person’s users.