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Spending Robux Currency in Roblox

Robux is the main currency in Roblox universe which are spent on many items and purposes in the game. Before you learn how to earn Robux in the Roblox, here are what Robux can be spent for

Creating Groups

You can create groups in Roblox by purchasing 100 Robux from your accounts. This way you can invite friends to join your groups and have more social excitements in the Roblox. However, it’s only applied premium members only by far.

Creating New Rank

If you’re the group owner, you can spend 25 Robux to create a new rank for your group. This way, your group can have a better exposure in the Roblox universe.

Creating Clan

You can develop your existing groups into a clan by spending 500 Robux from your account. This way, you can have a united force for battles against other clans in the Roblox universe. However, only group owners who can create the clans.

Changing Username

The username is not changeable by default. However, if you get bored with your existing username and want a more relevant one, you can change it by spending 1,000 Robux from your account.


If you want a better exposure in the Roblox universe, you may consider creating thumbnails for your place. There are two types of thumbnails you can create including the image thumbnail(10 Robux) and the video-based thumbnails(500 Robux).


You can create a badge for your game which improves your appearance. You can redeem the badge creation for 100 Robux each. The badges can be acquired through accomplishments in the game, you can earn it or create it.


Roblox allows you to bid the in-game advertising where you can promote your games, items, groups, and other designs. Since it’s a bidding system, the amount of Robux would vary for each system.

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Game Entrance Fee

Some games in the Roblox universe charge you by a certain amount of Robux. The entrance fee would vary for each game. The game will confirm your purchases when you’re about to enter those games. You can also purchase the game passes and products for certain games.

Purchasing Items

There are a lot of items in Roblox that can improve your play. Some of them are the free stuff while the rests are the paid ones. You can spend Robux to spend the paid items. The price would vary for each item.

Uploading the Audio

You can upload audio to the Roblox Library by paying a certain amount of Robux. The cost may vary for each uploads depending on the length of the audio track. The estimated price will be informed by clicking “Estimate Price” after selecting the audio.

The prices can be changed anytime through in-game and updates. Despite earning Robux, you should also learn how to manage it since the game provides a limited source except you’re considering to buy packs of Robux with your own money. It could be a high investment since you’ll have to spend money also for the memberships.

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How To Earn Free Robux in Roblox

In 2007, Roblux introduced Robux as the in-game currency in the Roblox platform to replace the Roblox points. Robux becomes the primary in-game currency after Tix the former currency was removed two years ago. Today, whether you’re a player or builder, you’ll need Robux to support your activities. Robux is spent to redeem items in the Roblox catalogs, game passes, microtransactions, and other user-created contents or products.
There are several ways to earn Robux in the Roblox universe. Most of them are the premium-minded ones since it’s the fact that there is the way you can earn Robux for free. Fortunately, the premium binding nature of Roblux is usually included along with other amenities like access, cards, permissions, abilities, and so forth.

Joining the Builders Club

It’s not the actual Robux machine since joining the Builders Club provide your free Robux as the daily login bonus. The amount of Robux would vary depending on the types of Builders Club memberships. The Classic Builders clubs allows you to earn R$ 15 per daily login. The Turbo Builders club members can acquire R$35 as daily login bonus. The Outrageous Builders club membership allows you to earn R$ 60 per day. Despite the daily login, all the premium Builder Clubs provides you with R$100 as the joining bonus. You need to purchase the game cards from the authorized vendors to activate the premium membership which cost from $5.95 to $195.95 for monthly and annual plans.

Item Sales

Once you’ve joined any types or premium Builder Clubs memberships, you’re allowed to sell your apparel items including Shirts, Pants, or T-Shirts. You can get 70% shares while the Roblox marketplace will take the rest 30% as the fee. The share policies are also applied to other products as well as the game passes of the Roblox games. Depending on your sales, the Builder Clubs memberships could be the prominent source of Robux in Roblox universe. Non-members can only get 10% shares and it makes the premium membership to be very considerable.

Developer Commissions

Despite selling items and game passes, you can earn Robux through your game development. You can develop the gears which are showcased on the player’s screen. Once the gears are purchased by the game players, Roblox will play your commission with Roblux. The developer is one of Roblox’s major commissioners especially when it’s related to any product sales.

Group Sales

You’re not only able to sell items in Roblox as an individual member but also as a group. This way, a Roblox group can have their own earnings by selling the items through the catalog. However, the group sales can’t be banked to the individual account, the shares will be deposited into the group fund first before it’s distributed to the contributing group members. The group sales are considered as communal or collective works.

At this point, joining the Builder Clubs is the best way to earn Robux. However, you need to make your membership more productive by developing and selling your items in order to earn shares and profits.

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The Source of Excitement in The Roblox Universe

You wondering how can such fun Roblox Universe is occupied by user-generated games. How exactly people can contribute to the Roblox game development while at the same time, they can reach desirable audiences or users. This may explain how such community universe could perform a solid development.

It all starts with Roblox Studio which is the production part of Roblox platform. It’s actually a dedicated program which is also a simplified game designer engine. Roblox Studio is similar to Unreal or Unity. Roblox Studio allows you as players to build your own games from the ground but not really from scratches. However, it might require more than a simple logic to build and connect the game components. It’s simplified but certainly, require more coding efforts on it.

The developer using the Roblox Studio must be able to perform some coding

This is used to build scripts in which in-game behaviors are determined. Roblox Studio isn’t a plug and plays engine. You should possess basic programming skills and use eligible tools. Even though it’s not like a professional developer’s works, you’ll still need to understand statements, variables, functions and so forth. If you have no coding basic then you should take the class or simply enjoy playing the published game.

Well, it’s certainly clear that the term of “user-generated” doesn’t refer to the total absence of intentional(or even professional) developer. Some of Roblox developers are actually computer science students who make their own game. The platform facilitates the published games in the store so it can be accessed by the audiences.

Roblox game you’re playing might be developed by teenagers. The Roblox platform in collaboration with the Roblox Studio become the best way for anyone who is interested in creating gaming projects and want to gain quick feedback from targeted audiences.

The Roblox is actually an in-app purchases platform where it has an in-game currency called Robux. It’s pretty similar to general in-game coins as you can use Robux to purchase collectibles, items, and features. In the main screen of Roblox, you can use Robux to improve your avatar while some games may require you to spend Robux to unlock certain abilities and functionality. Spending Robux may allow you to complete tasks or stages more quickly. The developers who earn the Robux through their games will have to share it with the company and be able to trade the rest with real money.

It’s a fair system applied to the Roblox platform

In one hand, the games are free to play which are highly enjoyable while the developers can gain some real money to keep up their good works. It seems that developers are only required to fulfill the share only if there are transactions. The platform is basically still free both for users and developers. So it’s explained how Roblox can survive for 12 years by providing free services and be still attractive for users and developers. Are you interested to be a Roblox developer? Try Roblox Studio now.