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The basic information about Roblox

Roblox is a game playing, hosting and development platform used by millions of users who are the architects of their own worlds. Source: Roblox Fandom Wiki. If you have read reviews about the Android or iOS mobile game for several years, you should agree that it would be a specific game. A review should contain a specific title of game where you can easily get informed about the features, setup, gameplay, graphics on a single game. It’s simply due to the fact that the common way you download and install the game from Google Play Store or iTunes Apple Store is one by one. However, this seems to be a different as we gonna review the Roblox game.

Many people might not see any difference with Roblox until they installed the app on their devices. What will surprise at the first glance is that the Roblox is actually not a single gaming application but more a dedicated “play store”. It’s like a big home to various games which are mostly user-generated games. At first sight, you can see that games uploaded to Roblox are likely to pamper the children users. However, Roblox actually attracts a wider range of age where 18 years old teenage are caught playing the games.


Roblox is an in-app purchase game which is available in Google Play Store and Apple Store. You’ll have to create an account and set your avatar after the app has been installed on your device. Once you completed the signed up, you’ll be provided a small settlement consists of several houses in the world of Roblox at the start point. It seems that you’ll take a role as a builder as a toolbox is also provided to contain your tools and belongings. Roblox game means a lot of options to allow children to expand their creativity. Roblox is specifically designed to provide a conducive universe or environment where the children can communicate through playing.


You can either enjoy the free-to-play or subscribe offered by the platform so you can have a more comprehensive experience on playing the Roblox. The subscription allows you to have an ads-free screen, manage multiple locations, or simply upgrade your avatar to premium. Robux is in-game currency applied in the Roblox platform which can be used to purchase materials, tools, perks, special abilities, and eligibles h which boost your user-experience upon the Roblox games. You can purchase the currency using the real money.


As it’s well-known as specifically-designed for children, the security is the main concern. It’s no longer a secret that bad issues on Roblox have been out there. However, the truth is that Roblox actually has two major security levels. The operators and system of Roblox platform monitor all the chats and behaviour to maintain inappropriate contents or signs. If your children are under thirteen, they will be under a tighter restriction especially on who they can communicate.

Even though there is a swearing step to complete, any inappropriate contents or behaviour are actually detected mostly due to reports. For this case, a web page is offered to parents by the company. In this page, the parents can get involved and join the conversation or discussion. At this point, you as the parents can help to answer “tough” question and share the common security concerns with other parents. Being a community is what Roblox want to provide as well as boost your children creativity.


As previously mentioned that Roblox games are mostly user-generated. Well, you can’t expect big company's graphic works on RPG or Sports games. There will be some blocky graphics which aren’t professionally built. However, there are several games which may be officially sponsored that have better graphics than the others. The screenshots on its Play Store page may represent what the better graphic is. In fact, the poor graphics can’t hold the Roblox to be more popular among the children users. Flashy colours and unique designs are big attractive factors to most children which are smartly applied in the Roblox universe.

What might also be the professional’s concern is the audio experience of Roblox. The same audio may be applied to the most part of the games. Once you plug your headset, you’ll certainly know that the sound effects or tracks are not studio-professionally produced. It might better if you don’t use the headset. While it might not matter for most children, the audio system might not be developed at any time soon.

It’s actually a bias when an adult review the Roblox so you can see that the half of this article is complaining the game. Well, it’s actually not, the Roblox game universe is a cool platform for your children. the community-based concept is a remarkable step to take in developing a friendly environment through games.

In fact, as you’re allowed to join the Roblox environment, it might be a supporting tool of community parenting. In fact, the Roblox may be the first platform that accommodates such children-parents relationship through community games despite the manual monitoring.

It’s also better to watch your children playing the game which provide them such eligible environment while their creativity is being trained than the generic ones. Most children who are playing the Roblox are drowning in the world of Builders.

They’ll spend more time in advancing their building with provided tools and simulating what things will go with certain combinations and experiments.

In fact, Roblox is a serious business, which is actually also the smart one. There are Roblox action figures available in the online market. You might have to put this fact as a specific concern, your children may ask for their own Roblox action figure. However, it’s still a good thing to distract your children from the screen for a while and let them actualize and practice their motoric.

The last thing might be considered is how if you as a parent are not only joining the community but also making the game. Yes, how if you make a game for your children through Roblox? As an adult, it’s okay to download the Roblox as you can contribute in various ways despite playing the game itself.

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