How do you get a seller to come down on price?

Conclusion Always ask your agent to contact sellers and submit offers. Be sure to request an inspection once you find a home you like. You can ask your seller to give you a discount, to make repairs to the property before the sale, or to help you with closing costs. Although homes are in high demand today, you never know when a specific seller may struggle to find a buyer.

If you see a home that has been on the market for quite some time, the seller may be increasingly desperate. If you made a lower offer that was declined, threaten to withdraw. The seller may agree to lower the price to prevent you from going ahead. Instead of lowering your price, counteract by staying at the stated purchase price.

Someone who really wants to buy will remain engaged and return to you with a higher bid. Assuming you've set a fair price for your property to begin with, the list price counter says that you know what your property is worth and that you intend to get the money it deserves. Step 1: Review comparable sales. Step 2: Compare the compositions with the target house.

Step 3: Add or subtract the value as needed. Here are some common negotiation tactics that buyers can use to gain a positional advantage and ideas on how to respond. A seller is likely to write a counter offer at the list price or higher when it is a seller's market. These sellers won't change their price because they know there are probably a dozen other buyers out there who will agree to pay full price or even more.

But sellers sometimes issue full-price counteroffers, even in buyers' markets, for a variety of reasons. Don't hesitate to negotiate a sale price that works best for you, because even though current sellers have an advantage, they still need buyers to take their homes out of their hands. For example, if you have a salesperson who needs to relocate in a few weeks to look for a job, they may be willing to accept a lower offer if that means ending the sale without delay. It's not unreasonable for sellers to reject offers by issuing full-price counteroffers when the home has been listed for less than 21 days.