How do you target a fsbo?

Check newspaper listings, Craigslist and yard signage for potential FSBO opportunities. Meet with your potential customers in person FIRST. Make sure you're in the seller's mind by helping them do exactly what they say they want to do to sell their home alone. Send them helpful articles that demystify the FSBO process, offer a 15-minute consultation call, and anything else you can do to build a meaningful relationship.

And when that landlord decides to use a seller's agent, you'll be the first person they call. By watching and waiting, you can target FSBO sellers with properties that have been on the market longer than the average listings. You can study your property prior to initial contact, make a CMA, and determine if a price adjustment should be made. Once you're ready to contact them, you'll have solutions to your marketing dilemma.

If you don't have a buyer, always discuss it in advance. Don't use that “We work with a lot of shoppers on the area line. It's a cliché, and you're better than that. When targeting sales listings by owner (FSBO), you're looking for a specific customer base that's easy to find, but not the easiest to get.

A niche or target market provides you with a direction to find the leads that work best for your brand and what you know best. I live in a ridiculously competitive market (6,000 agents in my city) and I want to start a program aimed at FSBOs. Establish an FSBO Selling Strategy Create your FSBO selling strategy by first understanding who your potential buyer is who your target market is. Also, feel free to do your own research and discover data points that may relate specifically to the FSBO list you are targeting.