How do i attract a fsbo?

Check newspaper listings, Craigslist and yard signage for potential FSBO opportunities. They are more eager to sell because they spend money to advertise. Send them helpful articles that demystify the FSBO process, offer a 15-minute consultation call, and anything else you can do to build a meaningful relationship. And when that landlord decides to use a seller's agent, you'll be the first person they call.

It's no surprise that FSBOs leave money on the table, the same NAR study reveals that 18% of sellers struggle to “get the right price.” Nearly 1 in 5 FSBOs need help pricing their home. In addition to “getting the right price,” the typical FSBO also doesn't understand how to attract buying agents who will showcase their property. Once you've found a partner, you can use these simple rules for role play, courtesy of Greg Harrelson, real estate agent and president of Century 21 Harrelson Group, whose team conducts more than 1000 transactions a year. FSBO listings attract real estate agents because they are fruits that are easy to reach as potential customers.

And because targeting FSBO salespeople is a common marketing strategy for agents, you need to offer them a more exceptional selling experience than your competition. Use your own social networks to advertise your ad. Include great photos, details that distinguish the property, the price, and your contact information. Make sure your posts are configured to be public and shareable, to promote visibility and encourage your network to share them in their own news in real time.

Chances are, if you reach enough people, someone will meet someone who is looking to buy a place and pass your ad to you.