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If you are selling your property without a real estate agent, you will need to draw up a sales contract by owner. In your contract, you'll need to include the names of both parties, the date of the contract, and the date the new owners will own the property. Unfortunately for many, divorce is a time of great financial hardship and credit challenges. Because you are responsible for the mortgage until it is paid in full or refinanced, it is imperative that you keep up with your monthly payments.

We can further analyze whether refinancing or selling is a better option for your situation and develop a plan to achieve your objectives. Yes, but sometimes it's difficult to buy another home until the divorce is final. In most situations involving child support and alimony, payments must be received for a specific period of time before you can use them as eligible income. If you are still listed as a co-borrower on the previous home mortgage, many mortgage programs will allow you to qualify and exclude that debt.

We'll connect you with an experienced lender who can provide you with the best advice for your particular situation. Selling real estate can be confusing and complex. I have good connections with mortgage brokers and title companies who can help you with this process. If you find an interested buyer, call me and I'll connect you with the right people.

YOUR NAME YOUR COMPANY YOUR PHONE YOUR EMAIL As you no doubt know, owning a property that is far away from you can be a challenge. Problems tend to get bigger with distance and often cause anxiety and frustration. After a very long and complicated decline in the domestic housing market, I am pleased to confirm that our area is experiencing a healthy recovery. In fact, favored neighborhoods are now considered a “seller's market” and inventory is low.

Your property is located in a privileged area to take advantage of the large number of buyers who are currently competing to buy a home. There are several reasons to consider selling in this market. First, the convenience of a quick sale always makes the process less cumbersome. Equally attractive, buyers are seriously looking to buy and come pre-qualified for financing.

Buyers are also more flexible about the closing date to accommodate the seller's preferred time. Of course, a well-priced property can generate multiple offers that will normally generate the highest price for the seller. Maybe this favorable housing market fits your plans. I just wanted to let you know that my team and I are very impressed with the way your company has grown and has become such an important element in.

Congratulations, creating a brand that really matters to people isn't easy. We believe that adding your services would be a great way to welcome our open-door guests, as well as give you the opportunity to showcase your. Hello, Taketra, I think you might be lucky to rework some of the language in other letters. Let us know if you can think of anything good.

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In the next section of your listing, you want to describe all the details about the house and the property. You want to let them know things like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet. Then, you want to include certain features about the interior of the house that are considered desirable. For example; fireplace, ceiling moldings, renovated kitchen or bathroom, etc.

After this, you should describe other characteristics of the property, such as whether there is a garage, a privacy fence, a patio or terrace, a grill, a landscape, or anything else that could be beneficial. Write down the changes you want to make, the date of the original agreement and counteroffer, the address of the property and the names of the parties involved, and then include it with the original document. Since you don't pay your agent, the buyer will likely ask you to pay the fees of the person who drafted the contract. .