How do you persuade a fsbo?

Many FSBO sellers are simply trying to get the most out of selling their home. Teach them how to sell their house on their own. Can you imagine turning the FSBO at 3 out of 5 rates into a list? FSBOs are notoriously difficult to persuade, but they offer new agents a valuable prospecting opportunity when listings are scarce. Don't expect your phone to ring off the hook after your visit.

Turning the FSBO into a strategy requires time to cultivate. Schedule a time on your calendar and follow up in person with your prospect a week later. Persistence, consistency and professionalism are the keys to converting the FSBO. Instead of asking for them with promises of outstanding results, be at your service.

Finally, be prepared to invest more face-to-face time in FSBO conversion than any of your other lead sources. If you're a new agent looking for ads, consider making FSBO your niche. Tell the FSBO seller: “I commend you on your desire to sell your home yourself. Maybe I can give you some useful tips and information to help you with this.

Let them know that not only will you show the house, but also all the other real estate agents who are your association. In addition, the percentages show that an ad with a real estate agent sells faster than a simple sign in the yard. Explain to the seller that they need an experienced agent like you to represent them throughout the process. It turns out that 92 percent of all home sellers who try to sell their homes for themselves (also known as homeowners or FSBO) end up putting their homes to a real estate agent anyway, according to the National Association of Realtors.

As obvious as it may seem, many agents overlook this aspect and don't actually ask for business. Some even review the entire listing presentation and never ask for business in the end. Requesting business is an essential part of any sales job and should be done more than once. Successful agents apply for business at least eight times.

Forgot your username? If so, please contact customer service at (5 658-9252). Fortunately, it's probably not that difficult to persuade an FSBO salesman that they need help taking a virtual tour — teach them one and they'll immediately understand what they're up against.